A Meditative Journey of Reflection Through Art

Explore this interactive contemplative art exhibit inspired by 12 original works of art—as envisioned by Rex Foster and brought to life by artist Annie Howe—each crafted to facilitate personal reflection and spiritual insights.


Drawing inspiration from the traditional concept of the Stations of the Cross, this visio divina experience offers a modern and inclusive approach to reflection, encouraging participants to explore the depths of their inner selves through the lens of 12 nature-inspired works of art.

  • NThe practice of visio divina invites the viewer to encounter the Divine through art or images.
  • NThis experience transcends religious boundaries, inviting individuals of all backgrounds to participate.
  • NParticipants are encouraged to bring an open heart and mind, and no prior experience with meditation is necessary—this exhibit is designed for anyone who is interested.
  • NWhen presented as an art exhibit or installation, each of the 12 works of art is displayed as a print on a large banner, and brief descriptions of each image are made available for participants, designed to spur reflection and contemplation.
  • NThe exhibit can be set up as a come-and-go experience, allowing participants to stop by for as little as a few minutes of stillness, or spend an hour or more visiting each of the 12 art stations.
  • NThe experience can also be designed as a facilitated 60-90 minute guided meditation experience for groups up to 50 people.
  • NIn addition to the reflective art stations, the experience can include a backdrop of meditative music and singing bowls.

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